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Dr. Markus Baumann

A 5, 6, Building A, Room A339
Tel.: +49(0)621-181-2078
Fax: +49(0)621-181-2080
E-Mail: mbaumann[at]uni-mannheim.de

Office hours: by appointment

Dr. Markus Baumann has studied Political Science and Economics at the University of Mannheim and is now research associate at the Chair of Political Science III; he is working in the projects "Intra-party Heterogeneity and its Political Consequences in Western-Europe" and "Reform Agendas and Intra-party Programmatic Position-taking" at the Mannheim Centre of European Social Research (MZES). The titel of his dissertation thesis is "Individual Parliamentary behavior and responsiveness in non-partisan contexts".

For further information especially on research interests and publications please visit the website of the MZES.