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Marius Sältzer, M.A.

A 5, 6, Building A, Room A339
Tel.: +49(0)621-181-2078
Fax: +49(0)621-181-2080
E-Mail: msaeltze[at]mail.uni-mannheim.de

Office hours: by appointment

Marius Sältzer has finished his studies of Economics at the University of Mannheim with a Bachelor of Science and his studies of Political Science with focus on Comparative and Regional studies at the University of Hamburg with a Master degree. He is PhD student at the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS) of the University of Mannheim. Since December 2017, he is research associate at the Chair of Political Science - Comparative Government.

His research interests are political representation, parties, lobbyism and party financing.

For more information, please visit his profile at the GESS website.