Chair team

Prof. Dr. Marc Debus0621-181 2082

For all students' affairs (exams, certificates, reports or thesis) please contact the secretariat during its office hours or via email: polwiss3[at]

Josephine Hörl  (Secretariat)       
0621-181 2081

Please note that Prof. Debus will draft reports only for those students who have attended one of his events very successfully (at least with grade 2.3).

Academic staff at the Chair

Rosa M. Navarrete
0621-181 2066
Constantin Schäfer
0621-181 2066
Marius Sältzer
0621-181 2078

Academic staff in the projects

Sebastian Juhl (SFB)
0621-181 3433
Ron David Lehrer, PhD (SFB)
0621-181 3545

Research assistants
David Artukovic
0621-181 2079
Luca Joppien
0621-181 2079
Sarah Lehmann0621-181 2079
Anna Wohlmann0621-181 2079