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Tips for drawing up a term paper

  • The paper should serve as an answer to a scientific question. Please do not forget to point out to this scientific question in your introduction and explain why this question is relevant or interesting.
  • Sift through the existing relevant literature.
  • Respect scientific standards: Literal quotations must be identified by quotation marks and the correspondent source must be indicated. If you use the ideas and thoughts of an author’s intellectual property, you have to cite this clearly and to indicate the sources. Please make sure to reproduce the positions correctly and not to distort their meaning.
  • Each term paper has to be accompanied by a statutory declaration in which you assure your independent working. The wording of such a declaration has been stated by the professional group of Political Science at the University of Mannheim as follows:
    „Ich versichere, dass ich diese Seminararbeit ohne Hilfe Dritter und ohne Benutzung anderer als der angegebenen Quellen und Hilfsmittel angefertigt und die den benutzten Quellen wörtlich oder inhaltlich entnommenen Stellen als solche kenntlich gemacht habe. Diese Arbeit wurde in gleicher oder ähnlicher Form noch in keinem anderen Seminar vorgelegt."
    Please quote this declaration in German as this is the official legally binding language (Literal translation: „I solemnly declare that I have drawn up this term paper without help from a third party and without having used other means than the indicated resources and auxiliaries and that I have made all passages recognizable as quotations that I have taken in letter or in spirit from the used sources. This paper has not been submitted in the same or similar form in another seminar.“)
    The statutory declaration must be dated, signed and submitted in original. 
  • The citing of literature in the text and the listing of the used literature in the bibliography („References“) should be consistent and follow a fixed standard. The professional group of Political Science has stated quotation guideline (only available in German).
  • You have to submit your term paper as a printed copy. Please do not use folders: instead of bounding it is sufficient to staple the pages together. Do not forget to send your paper as a file (MS-Word, RTF or PDF) by mail so that we can check your paper in order to detect plagiarism.
  • The cover sheet must include the title of the seminar and the paper, the name of the teaching person as well as your name, your matriculation number and your mail address as well as your contact details.
  •  Please respect the fixed deadline!