The research of the Chair is focused on processes of coalition formation, parties and party competition.

The following projects with collaboration of the research associates of the Professorship are under responsability of the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES):

  • Intra-party Heterogeneity and its Political Consequences in Europe

  • Participation and Representation. A Comparative Study of Linkage Mechanisms between Citizens and the Political System in Contemporary Democracies (PartiRep-2)

  • Party Competition and Policy Outcomes in Multilevel Systems

  • Party Competition in Multi-level Systems: An Analysis of Programmatic Strategy of Parties, Government Formation and Policy Making in European States

  • Where Is My Party?  Determinants of Voter Agreement about the Ideological Positions of Political Parties

The project "Reform Agendas and Intra-party Programmatic Position-Taking" is part of the SFB "Political Economy of Reforms" and is funded by the German Research Foundation.
cohesify_logo_web_6The project "Understanding the Impact of EU Cohesion Policy on European Identification COHESIFY" is managed by a group of international scientists and funded by the EU under the Horizon2020 framework program. In this project, our staff members are particularly involved in the sub-project "Party Positions and European Integration".